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How to write a persuasive Product description

The product description is a critical element in an eCommerce site. Its’ an essential marketing copy that describes; the features of a product, it’s benefits and why it is necessary to purchase it. Its ultimate focus is to compel and persuade readers to buy the product. 

However, many digital marketers are trapped in common mistakes of writing product descriptions; writing raw content that simply describes the product. This does more harm than profit, as it does not persuade the buyer. 

Still, don’t get the logic? Well, a more appropriate explanation – A great product description, should engage the mind of the reader and his argument; thus capturing his mind and emotions to the reason why he needs to have the product. 

Let’s look at the simple ways to persuade potential customers on an online store with product descriptions that make them have the urge to buy your products.

1. Focus on your ideal customer 

Your product description ends up being close to meaningless when you don’t target a specific audience. Writing for the general audience doesn’t funnel the website visitor to the buying process.

You should focus the product description on your target audience. Always start by considering your ideal buyer.

  • Imagine what kind of language or humor he/she appreciates?
  • What tone or choice of words does he/she love or hate?
  • What questions could he/she have in mind that you need to answer?

Consider how you would communicate with the buyers if they were buying from you in a physical store. Incorporate the language that you would have used face to face to achieve a similar conversation that evokes emotions more deeply into your eCommerce site.

2. Entice with benefits

– When selling your own product, it’s very easy to get excited about the product features. You might find yourself focusing on your individual product specifications.

The interest of our potential buyers is not based on the exciting features and specifications. They are more interested in the value of your product to them; how your product addresses their pain points, and how it helps solve their particular problem. It is the main reason why you should consider the benefits of each product feature. 

Show your customer how your product will make them feel. It may be “happier, more productive, or healthier.” Also, highlight the glitches and problems that your product will help solve.

3. Avoid bland phrases 

– Normally, when we are short of words, we tend to use bland phrases like “excellent quality product.” That phrase makes the reader think; “well, that’s what you all say.” No one describes his product as average or bad quality. Everyone works to show how excellent his product is.

You turn to be less persuasive when a potential buyer reads your description and start arguing that “That’s what you all say.” To avoid this kind of reaction, be very specific, and explain each technical detail and state its benefit.

Give an impression of quality, rather than mentioning the quality directly. Be very specific and do not include too many technical details to enhance your credibility.

4. Justify using superlatives 

– Superlatives to many people sound insincere unless you back them up with proves. Explain why the product is either the best or most advanced, adding a sense of preference. You should provide specific proof as to why your product is the best. You can quote your customer who testifies how fantastic your product has been to him/her.

5. Appeal to your reader’s imagination

– Scientific research has proven that the desire to own a product increases once the person holds it in his hands. When you are running an eCommerce business, your customer does not have a chance to hold the product before buying it. 

Large product pictures that are crystal clear can help, but you can also apply a copywriting trick that increases desire. You trigger the emotions of your readers by making them imagine how it would feel to own and use your product. 

6. Persuade with mini-stories

– Lower the rational barriers by including mini-stories explaining: 

  1. who made the product?
  2. What was the inspiration behind the creation of the product?
  3. What were the obstacles that you needed to overcome to create the product?
  4. How did you test the product?

7. Seduce with sensory words

– Adjectives don’t add meaning to sentences. Nevertheless, Sensory adjectives like “smooth and bright,” are powerful words, as they overwhelm your readers with vibrant product descriptions.

8. Tempt with social proof 

– Your web visitors look for suggestions when they are not sure of what to buy. They’re often attracted to purchase a product with the most positive reviews.

There are many ways to sneak social proofs into product descriptions. You add credibility to a quote by including the image of the real person. This also adds an approachable sense encouraging potential customers to contact you for queries.

Since many buyers get attracted to buying popular products, you can take that as an added advantage by highlighting products that are customers’ favorite.

9. Make your description scannable

– Your web design layout should enhance the User Experience {UX}. It encourages your site visitors to read the product descriptions. You achieve a good {UX} by ensuring that your product descriptions are; clear, scannable, and appealing to your potential customers.

You should focus on these areas when designing your eCommerce site:

  1. Capture attention with headlines.
  2. Proper use of bullet points.
  3. Attract with plenty of white space.
  4. Proper sizing of the font to enhance readability.

A Captivating product description will eventually earn positive results 

Share information about your product. Target a specific audience and write creatively to invoke the customer’s feelings. Use sensory words in your product description to seduce your visitors. Make them have the urge to buy your products. Most of all, appeal to your reader’s imagination by portraying your passion for your products. 

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