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6 benefits of using Social Media for marketing

In the recent past, social media marketing has become an essential tool in the arsenal of brands and businesses of all kinds. It creates opportunities to build relationshipsengage with customers, and increase sales. 

Since 2012, Social Media Marketing has evolved massively. One of the most significant changes is the shift from; – Brands simply broadcasting marketing messages on social platforms to an environment where engaging with fans and fostering communities around a product or an idea has become imperative to success.

Businesses are opting to take a customer-first approach to their content as well as building Niche communities, encouraged by changes on Social Media platforms; such as Facebook, where meaningful interactions are prioritized. 

Building strong and long-lasting relationships with customers lead to Success in Social Media Marketing results. Direct selling does have a place in the Social Media ecosystem, but it’s no longer the point of focus by the majority of brands.

These are the reasons why you might consider utilizing Social Media as your marketing platform:

#1: Enhance Brand Recognition and Trust

In the world today, prospects do research online before making a purchase. Where do they research? Google indeed, is the most used search engine. Many of them also do look out on social media platforms; as many companies utilize them for marketing.

How being active in social media enhance trust:
  • When a potential buyer finds that you have an active community on social media, they tend to get comfortable with your Brand.
  • The conversations on the social media posts act as Brand reviews; which proves your reliability.
  • When potential buyers find positive conversations with other customers, they generate a sense of safety and tend to trust your Brand.
#2: Enhance Online Visibility

As mention above, your potential customers are searching on Google to find information about your business. By setting up an active Social Media Profile, you reap a benefit of ranking high in the search engine results.

Social Media pages mostly appear on the first page of the search results. Having business pages on the different Social Media platforms means that your business will gain control of the first page on the search results. Chances are most likely, the prospect will click on one of your links.
Social Media grants your business more exposure.
It leads to more links from other sites, thus boosting your rankings for non-brand keywords

#3: Increase Sales Conversion Rates

As mentioned above, Social Media build a deep connection with the prospects. It crowns your business a personality, which develops natural brand royalty and high sales conversion rates
When people, follow, like, and share content from your social pages, that acts as social proof that other people know, trust, and like your business. 

#4: Increase referrals and customer retention

Social Media acts as a perfect tool for following up with the prospects and staying up to date with your customers. It is significant in the sales process as it keeps you in touch with potential customers.
By utilizing social media, you will naturally promote retentionrepeat purchasesreferrals, and brand reviews.

#5: Establish Partnerships

I can confidently say that prospects are searching your business online. Potential partners are as well doing the same. 
Social media can help build a Brand legacy, which attracts potential Partners.

#6: Provide Support

Social Media enable direct communication between companies and their customers. Many people reach to companies through social platforms such as Facebook to ask for help. 

It makes it easy to trace commentsquestions, and complaints and respond to the arising concerns. It grants the possibility to respond to issues either publicly or in private messages.

If you are not using Social Media at all or your current strategy isn’t working for you, now is the time to make a change. 

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